I swim in the open water (and blog about it here) and I run my own business (a PR agency, called Joshua PR).

More and more I can see that there are huge similarities between the two – and that the lessons you learn from open water swimming can be directly applied to business to make businesses more successful.

I’m currently blogging about this for the open water swimming magazine H2Open, writing guest blogs for business blogs – such as this one for Sage – as well as presenting on this topic as a business speaker.

My plan for 2015 is to swim some iconic international swims, meet more international swimmers and businesspeople and ultimately to write a book that distills all the tips and advice. To help me achieve this I’m crowdfunding to cover the costs of the additional research and the printing of the book. If you’d like to be involved, guarantee yourself a copy of the book, or book a private presentation to your company then please back the project.

Get in touch to be Open for Business: patrick.smith@joshuapr.com


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