Open for Sponsorship

No matter what happens with the crowdfunding project for my book, I will be doing a lot of swimming next year. I will also be doing a lot of blogging.

I accept that I probably won’t win many trophies and will never be the best swimmer, but actually because of that I am probably more of a true representation of the ‘average’ open water swimmer.

I’m a member of the British Long Distance Swimming Association (BLDSA) and will be attending as many of their events as possible. I’m also a member of the awesome virtual team TeamBear and will be meeting, cheering and supporting as many of them as possible.

I’m active on social media – my personal blog has nearly 200 followers and I have over 1,800 followers on Twitter.

On top of all of that, I still plan to write the book no matter what happens with the crowdfunding.

Based on all of that, I think I’m a pretty good potential advocate for any swimming brand – or more to the point, why don’t you sponsor me?

If you manufacture goggles, trunks, towels, swim hats, robes, nutrition (although I can be a bit picky as I’m on a gluten-free diet), bags or any other swimming-related stuff, then please get in touch – or just go to the crowdfunding site and sign up as a sponsor. I’ll love you lots, wear your kit, tell everyone I meet how great you are and blog about it too 🙂


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